Mike Huckabee Trolls Democrats’ Abortion Extremism

That’s a hilariously adorable troll…

Mike Huckabee Democrats Abortion

Democrats have recently decided that pushing for abortion up to and including birth is a winning position going into 2020. It doesn’t matter that Americans have become more pro-life as a result of the Democrats’ extreme pro-abortion views. The Democrats won the House in 2018, and that means they have a mandate from the people!

mike huckabee democrats abortion
Except for the little people, of course…

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Americans’ recent shift to pro-life (a full 17% in one month according to Marist) is being led in part by young Democrats. These are the people you would think would be staunchly pro-choice, yet in February fully 34% of Democrats identified as pro-choice. That’s a swing of 14% from January.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee took to Twitter Sunday evening to cheer the news that Democrats are running away from their own party’s position on abortion. He also took the opportunity to get a hilariously adorable shot at the Democrat party in general.

Twitter Leftists were not amused.

Sounds more like it’ stime to build the wall. Takes care of number 1 and leaves more money for number 2.

We’ll work on number 3 when the LGBT community can coherently argue which rights they’re being denied.

What I’m hearing is we shouldn’t pass Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, then.

We don’t have to “keep dreaming.” Numbers don’t lie, and they say that Americans of all races, creeds, colors, and political persuasions are fed up with Democrats shoving extreme abortion policies down their throats.

Luckily, the Democrats believe wholeheartedly that everyone else is wrong and they are right. Democrats will go on pushing abortion through birth. They will continue to argue that a baby born alive should be “made comfortable” while a conversation is had on whether or not to kill it.

That’s why they will lose in 2020.


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