Leftists Use Active Shooter In Rockford, IL To Push Gun Control

Sick, demented people…

Rockford Active Shooter Gun Control

Earlier today police and U.S. marshals attempted to serve Floyd Brown with an arrest warrant for attempted murder in Rockford, IL. Brown was staying at the Extended Day America hotel on North Bell School Road. Brown allegedly opened fire on the officers hitting a McHenry County sheriff’s deputy in the head.

The deputy who was shot has since died of his injuries.

Floyd Brown then led police on a chase that exceeded speeds of 100 mph until his vehicle spun out on I-55 in Logan County between Springfield and Bloomington. As of this writing Brown is holed up inside his car on the highway, which is shut down in both directions. Police describe him as “contained but not in custody.”

All in all this is a horrible situation involving a man whose criminal record stretches back over 20 years to at least 1997. In fact, Brown was wanted on multiple Illinois county warrants. Local authorities have said that Floyd Brown faced 20-80 years for first degree attempted murder on the warrant that officers attempted to serve him this morning.

In other words, this man is a scumbag who killed a law enforcement officer.

Naturally, Leftists are going to use this moment to push their rabid gun control agenda.

Multiple news outlets are reporting on this situation.

Zero of them have stated that Floyd Brown is using a Kevlar vest with armor penetrating ammo.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real mental illness, people.

Only the second shooting in Illinois this month? I guess Chicago doesn’t count.

Floyd Brown’s criminal record started in 1997 as far as we know. We had an assault weapons ban in this country for a good portion Brown’s criminal career.

How exactly would gun control have stopped what happened today?

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