Hillary Clinton’s Fake Southern Accent Is Back!

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Hillary Clinton spoke at a service at a black church in Selma, Alabama this past Sunday. Clinton was in town to mark the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” one of the pivotal struggles of the Civil Rights Movement. While speaking at the ceremony it seems that the fake Southern preacher accent that we saw so much of in 2016 made a comeback.

The crowd loved it, of course. It seems that what would be insanely racist if a Republican had done it is quite charming when Hillary Clinton is the one speaking.

It’s true that Hillary Clinton recently said she was not going to run for president in 2020. That’s disappointing news. Quite frankly, I was looking forward to Trump trouncing her a second time.

However, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman tweeted this little nugget the day after Clinton told everyone she was out of the running.

The fact of the matter is we still have zero idea whether or not Hillary Clinton will be running in 2020. We know she wants to. I’ve argued time and again that Hillary wants another shot at the brass ring of power that is the presidency. We also know that Hillary’s 2016 loss to Orange Man Bad never sat well with her.

Bottom line? I wouldn’t count Hillary out just yet.

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