Gang violence surges in Minneapolistan

Little Mogadishu

Violence among the Somali gangs that control the turf of Little Mogadishu (Minneapolis Cedar/Riverside neighborhood) is surging to the point where not even the local fishwrap (StarTribune) can keep a lid on the story anymore:

After the latest spasm of gang violence, Minneapolis’ Somali residents and business owners on Monday stepped up their calls for help from City Hall and police headquarters to help curb the senseless shootings that they say too often go overlooked.

On Friday alone, five men of Somali descent were shot in separate attacks, one fatally.

Police and community members pinned the blame for the bloodshed on an ongoing feud between Cedar-Riverside neighborhood gangs like 1627 and Madhiban With Attitude (MWA) and their rivals, the Somali Outlaws, whose territory includes the area around Karmel Mall. Friday’s shootings were a repeat of a familiar pattern: a shooting on one gang’s turf is usually followed hours, if not minutes later by an “eye-for-an-eye” response so as not to appear weak, community members say. Two shootings last month are also blamed on the conflict.

Oddly, while shootings become the norm in Somali neighborhoods, local law enforcement resources are diverted to track down the anonymous graffiti perpetrator who allegedly inked a hateful message about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in the men’s toilet stall of a gas station about 30 miles up I-94 from Little Mogadishu:

 The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are looking into threatening graffiti directed at U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar that was written in the bathroom of a gas station in Rogers, Minnesota.

The congresswoman tweeted a screenshot of an Instagram post with a photo showing the words, “Assassinate Ilhan Omar,” allegedly written in the men’s restroom at a Holiday Store.

The Narrative comes first…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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