Aussie spy series PINE GAP is techno-thriller winner

John LeCarre for the Smart Phone Generation

For a brief (six episodes total) weekend bingerooski check out the Australian spy in the sky techno-thriller PINE GAP streaming on Netflix.

It’s tightly written, well paced and keeps you guessing as to identity of the Evil Mole trying to sabotage the super-secret, super-high tech satellite eye-in-space intelligence gathering facility co-inhabited by American spooks and their Aussie counterparts in the outback near remote Alice Springs.

It’s beautifully shot; the cinematography of the desolate Australian back-country is gorgeous – reds & browns sparsely dotted with greens.

The Pine Gap facility is one of three super spy-stations around the world, the others being in Colorado and England.

The plot is to figure out which of the hot-shot brainiacs on the A Team has gone rouge and planted a nasty virus (the McGuffin in Hitchcockian terms) in the super-computer network monitoring SE Asian terrorist groups and the Despicable ChiComs.

There’s plenty of suspicion and motivation spread around the half-dozen suspects.

The mostly Australian cast are uniformly good and there is cheesecake and beefcake aplenty to keep all genders eyes candied up.

And now the caveat…

While this is a Down Under tale & production They Just Can’t Help Themselves with gratuitous shots at the Trump-Clone American Cowboy President who seems bound and determined to light up the South China Sea with nukeleer kamoomskis.

Also the Aussie/American team are a multi-culti delight with nary a straight white male in sight with exception of the computer savant nerd of no social skills or sexuality from the heartland.

Otherwise all genders, preferences, and intersectional victim groups are well-represented right down to the wise Aboriginal doctor and horny Chicom hoopster.

Look, that’s just the wet water these days and don’t be put off.

Pine Gap is a fine approximation of John LeCarre for the smart-phone set.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

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