WINNING: President Trump’s Approval Ratings Hits 52%

9 points in 10 days..

President Trump’s approval rating has hit a record of 52% according to the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking poll.

Rasmussen reported Monday that 52% of likely U.S. voters approve of President Trump’s job performance compared to 47% of likely U.S. voters who disapprove. This puts President Trump’s approval rating ahead of former President Barack Obama’s 50% approval rating during the second year of his presidency.

Rasmussen also reported that 39% of voters strongly approve of President Trump’s job performance, whereas 39% strongly disapprove. This puts his Presidential Approval Index at 0.

President Trump’s approval rating has jumped 9 points since February 1, and comes after the astounding success of Trump’s State of the Union address last Tuesday. That address attracted a record number of television viewers, and garnered a 97% approval rating among Republicans.

Nearly 76% of viewers approved of President Trump’s State of the Union address, while only 26% disapproved according to a shocking CBS poll.

It’s worth noting that Rasmussen was one of the three most accurate polling firms in 2016.

President Trump’s astonishing jump in his approval rating comes in a highly charged political climate where nearly 92% of media coverage of the Trump administration is negative.

Imagine where President Trump’s approval ratings would be with a media that was even halfway fair.


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