Why Are the Democrats So Afraid of Howard Schultz?

Who rules the roost?

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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is planning a run for the presidency in 2020, is clearly seen by some on the left as a huge threat:

Starbucks chairman emeritus and potential 2020 candidate for US president Howard Schultz has engaged in a heated spat with Sen. Elizabeth Warren over wealth.

After telling NPR’s “Morning Edition” on Tuesday that Warren’s plan for a 2% annual tax on households with a net worth greater than $50 million was “ridiculous” and nothing more than a “good headline,” Warren hit back – tweeting “What’s “ridiculous” is billionaires who think they can buy the presidency to keep the system rigged for themselves while opportunity slips away for everyone else.”

Schultz responded – slamming Warren on MSNBC for promoting programs that are too socialist, and then releasing a short video which PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil points out is rife with “microaggressions” – those non-inclusive comments which might inadvertently offend someone.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren said some pretty sharp words about me. She referred to me as a billionaire out of touch with the American people,” Schultz begins, before explaining how he started off with nothing and worked his way up.

“I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in Canarsie, in federally subsidized housing, the projects. When I was 7 years old my father, who was a laborer, came home and had a serious accident. He was dismissed from his job, we lost our health insurance. I witnessed the fracturing of the American dream.”

“What we need right now in America is for the country to come together, and for the Democrats and Republicans who have been unwilling to work together, to finally realize that the American people deserve much more than political slogans and tweets,” Schultz added. “What we need is a government that can work for us, leadership that we can trust.”

It’s clear, given Warren’s reaction, that Schultz’s run is of great concern in the upper echelons of the Democrat Party.

The reason for all of this hoopla is that Schultz’s run must be viewed in the context of the battle to control the Democrat Party.

Prior to the Barack Obama presidency, the Clintons had controlled the Democrat party. Clinton won the presidency and kept his popularity high by reluctantly working with the Republicans to pass reforms that most Americans liked and approved of, even if the far left hated them. Things fell apart for the Clinton wing, however, when Hillary was selected as the standard bearer. Barack Obama beat her in the 2008 primaries and took control of the Democrats.

Obama’s rise to power brought the social justice warriors along with him. His presidency was centered around empowering the extreme left and trying to radicalize the rank and file. In 2016, Hillary barely won the primaries and was so unpopular that Trump easily defeated her.

This had the effect of cementing social justice warrior control of the party. However, the Democrat leadership understands how unpopular the social justice warriors are outside of San Francisco and Washington DC, which is why there has been so much effort to “Nazify” Trump. The idea is to make him so widely feared and hated, and his base so depressed, that the Democrat in 2020 wins by default.

If a Democrat wins in 2020 by “default,” it means the Democrats are free to nominate the a radical.

Who are the Democrats’ current candidates for president? Hillary Clinton may run again, but she has no chance of winning after the 2008 and 2016 embarrassments. Joe Biden is going to run, but he has no chance in the primaries because of his problems with women with #MeToo at its height. Bernie Sanders will be 79 in late 2020, and that’s very old to be running for the presidency, even if his health is relatively good.

Elizabeth Warren destroyed herself with the “fake Indian” nonsense. Cory Booker isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire. Beto O’Rourke has some big money backing him, but he couldn’t even win his Senate run and he’s made several humiliating gaffes on social media.

That leaves two candidates remaining – Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris. Michelle Obama has said she won’t be running, which practically guarantees Kamala Harris is going to be the Democrat nominee. And she is pretty crazy and radical. Social justice warriors love her, and right now, theirs is the only voice which counts in the Democrat Party.

Schultz is a threat to all this. Much like Donald Trump, he has a lot of money and the Democrats don’t have any particular hold over him. He also doesn’t seem to be too old like Bernie or creepy around women like Joe Biden.

Furthermore, if Schultz runs as a liberal alternative to Kamala Harris, he is going to unquestionably siphon away the votes of Democrats who hate Trump but don’t really want to vote for a far left crazy like Kamala Harris, either.

Then there are Schultz’s political positions. Taken from Wikipedia:

During his 2019 exploratory bid for the presidency, Schultz framed his candidacy as that of a socially liberal deficit hawk.[47] In January 2019, The Washington Post wrote that Schultz “has not offered many specifics on his policy proposals.”[48] In June 2018, Schultz stated in an interview that he thought the national debt is “the greatest threat domestically to the country” and that “we have to go after entitlements.[49] Schultz is a strong proponent of same-sex marriage.[50] Schultz has described Medicare For All as “not American.”[51] Asked in January 2019 what his healthcare proposal was, Schultz answered, “I don’t have a plan today. I’m not yet running for president.”[51] Schultz opposed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s proposal to raise the marginal tax rate on income over $10 million to 70%, saying it was “punitive” and contrary to the American Dream.[51] Schultz said he supported “comprehensive tax reform“.[51] He supported a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers.[51] He called for greater border security, but opposed President Trump’s proposal of a border wall.[51]

His candidacy would be a disaster for the social justice warriors. If he won the presidency, it would be even worse for the far left, because the moderate wing of the Democrats would be in ascendance after a Schultz victory. If he won and actually followed through on his campaign promises – reining in spending and cutting entitlements – it would probably end the modern Democrat party as we know it, since they exist because of entitlements.

That doesn’t mean Schultz can’t change his positions or that he should be trusted, or that Republicans should rush out the door to vote for him. But right now, he looks very scary to the social justice warrior wing, so I hope he runs.


Written by Doomberg

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