What’s Amusing the Left These Days?

A look at some tweets

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Fagin" Episode 421 -- Pictured: Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

It’s fun — for a very few minutes — to see what the Left is finding really exciting to talk about. Let’s delve the depths of depravity just for a bit. And then I suggest either a shower or a healthy does of anti-fungal spray.

Sounds a bit like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.

I like the “right and left.” You can’t be more wrong when no one supports you. To paraphrase General Patton who said “Rommel, You Magnificent Bastard. I Read Your Book!” — President Trump might well have said the same thing about Saul Alinsky! It’s about damn time .The whole “foreign sources thing,” isn’t that getting a bit tiresome?

Below is about some likely fake news about Trump coming up with nicknames for all the Democrat nominees:

Wait? What? From the people that brought us “women’s health” to mean killing babies? Or “undocumented immigrants” to mean people who have entered the country illegally and are living at the expense of taxpayers? Need I go on?

Number of people who would be just as happy to do whatever they want and have the government pay for it: 100%.

Seems like Ryan is getting a tad frustrated. Oh, well.

Or maybe Mueller is done because, well, it’s coming on two years and he needs to start the investigation for the 2020 election!

Ironically, the billionaire oil barons are in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other spots in the Middle East.

The other irony is that Sophia Bush is an actress known for her role as Erin Lindsay on the TV series Chicago P.D. If you believe the gossip sites on the web — no not the Washington Post — the real gossip sites — she’s worth between $6M and $9M at only 36 years old. In my mind, a 36 year old doesn’t need more than $1M so I’d like you to forfeit all the rest. I really don’t care who you send it to but you can’t keep it. If you want to send it to Al Gore or the United Nations, that’s fine by me. You just can’t keep it! When you reach retirement age, please don’t ask for Social Security or Medicare. You don’t deserve it because you’re a 1%er. Also since no one needs more than $5M to retire on, please send any excess money you’ve irresponsibly gained in as well.

And then there’s the “do something.” That’s the crux isn’t it? There is no “do” step other than a whole bunch of random ideas that may or may not solve a potential problem that may or may not exist using technology that doesn’t exist today. Other than that, I’d be all for doing something.

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