Watch Tucker Carlson Obliterate This NPC On Infanticide

Sad and predictable…

Tucker Carlson Democrat NPC Abortion

The racist Democrat governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, advocated earlier in the week for doctors being able to kill a newborn baby if that’s what the parents wanted. Northam’s comments came in the context of defending a monstrous bill proposed by Democrats in Virginia that would allow abortions up to and including labor. The Democrat party has finally revealed their true feelings on abortion, and it is sickening.

Tucker Carlson invited a Democrat NPC onto his show to attempt to defend Northam’s insanity.

It went about as well as you’d expect…

The problem with Democrats is they absolutely believe that a woman should be allowed to abort her baby up to and including birth. Regardless of the reason. It doesn’t matter whether a woman’s life is actually in danger or if she simply changes her mind at the last second. A baby is a burden to a Democrat. A disease that has been thrust upon her (pun intended) by a man, and she should be able to get rid of it whenever she wants.

This is, of course, infanticide, something which is morally repugnant to the vast majority of people who simply want abortions available to protect the mother’s health.The ability to kill one’s baby whenever one wants to is something that makes normal people recoil in horror.

There’s no way Tucker’s little NPC could possibly defend such a position without looking like a complete monster. Thus, she deflects to the classic “RETHUGLIKKKANS WANT TO CONTROL WOMEN’S BODIES” line.

It’s sad and predictable, and it’s going to blow up right in the Left’s faces.

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