War Drums: Venezuela Installs Anti-Aircraft Missiles At The Brazilian Border

Caracas (Venezuela), 05 de Marzo del 2014. El Canciller del Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, participó en los actos de conmemoración de la muerte del Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías. Foto: Xavier Granja Cedeño / Cancilleria Ecuador

(Featured image shows the S-300VM missile system that Hugo Chavez bought from Russia)

Venezuela is in the news aplenty these days, but this particular news story could be a part of the escalation in the communist tyranny that could lead to a hot war. I’ve taken the liberty to translate the relevant news from a Brazilian site that broke the news called Defesanet (link is in Portuguese); thus it is not going to sound like Google Translate as I take liberties to translate the meaning and not just the words (as a reminder, I’m fluent in Pt). I’ve also added some links that weren’t in the article for your understanding of the situation and convenience:

Exclusive – Venezuela places S-300 Missiles at the Venezuela/Brazil Border

Specific radar signals from the S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system were detected near the Venezuela/Brazil border on Thursday, Feb. 21st.

Maduro’s government placed the S-300VM Air defense system near the Brazilian border. This is the second aggressive action they have taken after announcing the closure of the border, taking place around 8PM Thursday evening. […]

According to our source, the placement of the S-300 system is around 11km outside of the Brazilian city of Pacaraima, which is in the state of Roraima; located in or near the Santa Elena de Uairén airport within Venezuela.

Venezuela has three S-300 air defense systems, which includes launchers, radars and other support equipment. To place these at such a strategic position certainly serves as a provocative threat

The objective here is clear, as this threatens ALL air traffic in the northern region of Brazil, with the missile capable of striking air targets that would be going into the International Airport of Boa Vista.

Here is an image that shows the estimated attack range of the missiles (around 300km):

[Original story via DefesaNet]

Why is this happening? It’s mainly stemming from Maduro fighting to keep food & supplies from coming into his country from those evil capitalist pigs, as he sees it as a challenge to his grip on the country.

Also of note is that Maduro posted this video that continues to beat the war drums, proclaiming that he’s got support of his military for the national defense (which means making sure anyone left in that hell hole gets to starve to death knowing that the Evil Rich got theirs, or whatever.)

As you can see from that map image above, the missile range also covers all of the country of Guyana, although the point being made is clear due to the border clashes that have been going on between Maduro’s goons and the Brazilians. The city of Manaus to the South (pop. 2 million+) is outside of the zone, although Boa Vista would be the next largest city on the Brazilian side of the map.

It should also be noted that a Brazilian congressperson has called for all of Nicolas Maduro’s property in Brazil to be confiscated, something they called for back on Tuesday. Maduro likely has a bit of property there, although the link does go to a site that requires sign-up, so I’m not sure what he is known to have there.

Where will this go? It’s anyone’s guess. I doubt that this will end up in an all-out war, but it is difficult to predict what exactly will happen. As Brazil has been very cozy with the communist tyrants of Venezuela up until Bolsonaro got elected, it is unclear just how prepared the Brazilian military is for a hot conflict that might erupt here. While they are a much larger country, Brazil just hasn’t been directly involved in many extensive military actions or wars. Venezuela has spent plenty of money and time on building up their arms in case things ever happened with Colombia, and they have support from Cuba & Russia; particularly with embedded Cuban military leaders who work to keep the units loyal to Maduro.

Granted, I’m pretty sure that Brazil will have the full backing of the United States & Colombia in case anything happens, although I don’t see that as us taking over and getting into the fight here, just providing support in the event that it is needed. In the most violent case scenario, if things got messy enough that Venezuela was fighting a war on three fronts (one internally, one with Brazil, one with Colombia), then it’s difficult to see Maduro lasting very long against those odds. Something I’m pretty sure he understands.

This region is also a part of the Amazon rainforest, which is not exactly the  easiest place to setup for war if you’re starting from scratch. The logistics of moving troops and their equipment into the region will take some time & money, which could place them at a disadvantage; unless they’ve been quietly prepping for a while in anticipation of things becoming more of a mess. Brazil’s main advantage would be in Venezuela being a trainwreck to begin with, something that they could certainly use to their advantage in finding easy-to-crack troops or turncoat deserters.

As of this writing, there has not been any report as to how President Bolsonaro will react to this provocation, although he is a veteran of the Brazilian military and his VP is a General. Like President Trump, he’s known for being a fighter, but what’s going on marks a new chapter in the regional politics there.

UPDATE: Bolsonaro has called an emergency meeting with some of his ministers to discuss the situation, but no announcements have been made yet in regards to military response. Looks like they will see how things play out with the “Live Aid” stuff happening in Colombia.

Either way, one thing is clear – South America is marching towards war as communism fails once again.

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