The Green New Deal is a Primary Election Strategy

It’s not a 2020 campaign strategy

Why are so many Democrat presidential candidates jumping on the Green New Deal bandwagon? I’ll bet dollars to donuts that it’s because it polls well with Democrat primary voters.

The Democrats have a really big problem which is that so many of them hate Trump that they have wound up with way too many potential candidates. There are something like 24 of them at this point. It’s possible that the Democrats saw how someone with great persuasive powers, a unique presentation style, and a populist (i.e., Stuff the people actually want) could manage to defeat a field of well known politicians.

What do liberal Democrats (but I repeat myself) see as “making America great again?” I think the Green New Deal pretty well encapsulates it and my strong suspicion is that all of this blather polls really well with Democrats that tend to vote in primaries.

So here’s the problem — Bill Clinton was right — “it’s the economy stupid.” It certainly appears that the economy will still be roaring going into 2020 barring the ability of Congress and the Fed to drive us into a recession as a means of “regime change.” The country is at full employment and pretty much anyone who wants a job has a job.

Will a Green New Deal have any interest whatsoever to low income African-Americans, Latinos, or Union Workers? Nope.

What will? It’s the same thing that always has — they want more of their share of the economic pie and they want it NOW. “Now” is really to the point since a “10-year national mobilization” isn’t going to fly at all with these voters and why should it? If you’re at the bottom of the economic ladder, you care a whole heck of a lot more about paying your rent than high speed rail or eliminating airplanes. You also don’t care about energy efficient buildings in an era where there’s plenty of work for skilled and semi-skilled tradespeople.

If the Democrat nominee doesn’t immediately pivot away from the Green New Deal, they’re going to be in serious trouble because it’s not much of leap to “as much as I hate Donald Trump, he’s my best chance of paying my bills for the next four years.” Or, more likely, they won’t vote at all which is just as good for a Trump reelection.

The next problem will be “pivot to what?” They’re going to have the liberal Democrat vote regardless. They can go back to healthcare I suppose but they’ve shown themselves to be incompetent in that field. Besides, healthcare isn’t nearly as big a deal if you have a job and it’s not a big deal at all if your job provides insurance. What was so unique about President Trump is that he didn’t pivot and has proudly been able to win though delivering on the same list of promises he made from Day One when he announced his candidacy (plus or minus a few implementation details).

In the end, incumbent presidents hold all the cards in promising things that have an immediate impact. For instance, “you remember ObamaPhones? Vote for me and I’ll give you Trump-iPhones made in the U.S.A by real Americans!”

That ought to do it.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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