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Sparta Report Endorses Barbara Boxer’s Call For Northam Resignation

Saul Alinsky’s Rule Number 4 Works Both Ways!

There’s a wonderful scene in Patton I find especially compelling.

Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman: You know General, sometimes the men don’t know when you’re acting.

Patton: It’s not important for them to know. It’s only important for me to know.

I’d like to think this is one of the important concepts that separates us from the Democrats. We’ve watched President Trump provide a clinic in acting lessons that have, among other things, lead to talks with North Korea. For his part, Chairman Kim knew he was acting and the two will probably be friends.

On the other hand, when President Trump is speaking about the Wall, he’s not acting and Nancy Pelosi thinks he is. She is wrong.

Now I want to talk about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D). He should be run out of town for being both a racist and in favor of killing babies!

Here’s the thing and let’s just keep this between us. Governor Northam is a pediatric neurologist and “being in favor of killing babies” would seem rather at odds with someone who has trained to save them. Having watched the video and having read the proposed bill, I’m pretty certain that Governor Northham really didn’t know the contents of a bill that never made it to his desk. He did what other politicians have done forever which is to answer another question that you want to answer. This backfired bigly.

Northam is a monster!

The answer he gave was to the unasked question of “what happens if a very sick baby is born who either will not live very long or will have very little quality of life?” If this happens, the physician and the family have a conversation. This is the same conversation that physicians have with the family of elderly parents and it goes something like this — “I can make your mother very comfortable and pain free with morphine although it may cause her heart to stop. Do you want me to make them VERY COMFORTABLE?” You know what the doctor is asking and it’s a difficult decision.

He is a life long racist! The Democrats have revealed their true colors once again!

To the photographs, I don’t know the circumstances and I don’t particularly care. They were taken thirty five years ago. From what I’ve read, Governor Northam seems to be a good man.

After all the outrage over manufactured innuendo and lies that the Democrats formulated during the Kavanaugh hearings, here is proof positive of racism in the Governor’s office in Virginia! We demand action!

I really loathed what the Democrats did to Judge Kavanaugh. I am beyond loathing over what the Democrats have done to President Donald Trump. Both men were highly respected and pillared by the Democrats and the media in the name of liberalism. It is simply wrong to destroy people this way and there are way too many examples.

Governor Northam needs to resign now! We can not allow this kind of racism and murderous evil in the heart of this man to continue to hold such a high leadership position in our government! The State of Virginia deserves better!

Patton: I thought I would stand here like this so you could see if I was really as big a son of a bitch as you think I am.

Sorry Governor. The Democrats have set the rules and now you must live with them. As Saul Alinsky wrote,

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

As Patton said in the movie

Rommel… you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

Well Governor, so have we!

The Sparta Report fully endorses the position of Barbara Boxer!

It’s a strange time we live in.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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