Watch Live: Trump And Beto Dueling Rallies In El Paso, Texas

The Alpha and the Beta…

Trump El Paso Texas Rally

President Trump is scheduled to give a rally at the border town of El Paso, Texas later this evening. President Trump is expected to bring his case for construction of a wall on the southern border directly to the American people.

Trump supporters have already begun lining up outside of the arena where the rally is to be held. Fox News has reported that some people have been waiting for nearly 24 hours.

President Trump himself has said that over 75,000 people signed up to attend tonight’s rally, even though the arena only holds 8,000.

Failed Democrat Senate candidate Beta…err…Beto O’Rourke is expected to hold a counter rally across the street from tonight’s Trump event. There’s no word on his crowd size, but I’m sure it will number in the dozens. Maybe.

Watch RSBN’s live coverage of President Trump’s rock star performance here:

Alternatively you can take a gander at Beta O’Rourke’s live stream if you’re expecting to call it an early night:


Both rallies are expected to begin at 9:00 PM EST.

Update: Things aren’t looking good for Beta’s rally…

UPDATE: Yeah…things really aren’t looking good for Beta…

How can President Trump and his Nazi orange shirts possibly stand against such numbers???


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