President Trump Trolls Leftists With YUGE Approval Ratings

So much winning it HURTS…

Rasmussen reported on Monday that their Daily Presidential Tracking Poll had President Trump’s overall approval rating at 52%. This was two points higher than former President Obama at the same point in his first term, and represented a swing of nine points since February 1.

Naturally, President Trump felt it was necessary to inform each and every one of the Leftist mouth breathers that hang on his every word on Twitter.

President Trump’s reminder about his YUGE approval rating sent the Left into apoplectic fits of rage interspersed with cries of “fake news!”

Fake news! Even though Drudge Report is a news aggregator that gets most of his headlines from various sources around the Internet and beyond.

Would these be the same mainstream polls that showed Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance of winning in 2016?

How’d that work out?

Donald Trump Approval Rating Melania
Behold, an unhappy marriage…apparently…


What are you kidding? President Barack “I Won” Obama did nothing but take victory laps!

I see your graph and raise you this tweet in response.

Spoiler alert:

Donald Trump Approval Rating Cares

All polls skewed heavily toward Democrats.

And really, we’re citing CNN as a credible polling outlet?

Donald Trump Approval Rating Son

That’s cool. I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.

Beta O’Rourke couldn’t even break 100 people. Meanwhile the God Emperor played to a crowd of thousands. Not just in El Paso, but Italy as well.


What’s a “free range” trailer park? Is that a trailer park that’s left to roam free in the great outdoors rather than being confined to a cage its entire life?

Actually I managed to score a $2 an hour pay raise, an extra $30 on my paychecks every week, and I’m looking at getting a big chunk of change from the feds once I (finally) do my tax returns.

Many other Americans are in the same boat as me.

Two things:

  1. Wishing for something to be untrue doesn’t make it so.
  2. It’s two points higher than Obama. I’d say that’s more than enough reason to be proud.


Oh no! She cited a poll by Leftist polling powerhouse FiveThirtyEight! That’s Nate Silver’s organization! If anyone could get presidential polling right surely it would be FiveFreakingThirtyEight!!!

Donald Trump Approval Rating FiveThirtyEight
God dammit…


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