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10th Circuit Affirms ‘Free the Nipple’ Movement in Fort Collins

Women can bare their nipples in Fort Collins, Colorado without fear of prosecution, the Tenth Circuit affirmed on Friday. Let me get this straight now — am I allowed to stare or do I have to look away? Can you look without staring and how much looking actually constitutes staring? We’re having dinner in Fort Collins tomorrow night. I’ll let you know if I have to deal with this situation.

Trolling the Press and their Liberal Sycophants

Mark Knoller, who generally makes an attempt to report semi-fairly on President Trump, noted that the president pumps his fist in the air getting off Air Force One.

to which I replied “Mark, Mark, Mark. You know that’s just a poorly executed Nazi salute.” This normally gets a few “yeah! Yeah!” from the libs but I had a nice, conservative lady call me an idiot instead.

Oh well. Not the first or last time I’m going to be called an idiot!

Photos from CU Boulder Year Book Circa 1967

This photo of students in blackface appeared on page 265 of the 1967 University of Colorado Boulder yearbook.

Well, well, well. What are we to do here? The only thing I can think of is that each of these men need to be tracked down and if they are successful at all, their lives need to be ruined. At the very least, they need to atone for their sins and must submit to reeducation training.

And then there’s this. What shall we do about this?

This photo showing a student holding a Nazi flag in a group photo appeared on page 460 from the 1969 University of Colorado Boulder yearbook.

Actually, I think this might have been an early MAGA rally so the university is off the hook but each and everyone one of these people need to be hunted down.

I’m so tired of the Sanctimony of the “Green”

This tweet from a racecar driver really struck me the wrong way today.

Alexander here drives in the Formula-E series which is electric powered open wheel racing cars.There’s actually a lot of interesting technology reasons to race electric powered cars. The torque of an electric motor changes everything over an internal combustion engine. Torque is what gives the Tesla its head-snapping acceleration: Formula-E cars will likely drive some interesting battery advances where energy management is critical to going as fast as you can for as long as you can on a single charge.

What gripes me about this tweet is the fallacy that these tiny lifestyle changes have any meaningful impact.The sanctimonious “we all need to do our part to save the planet” stuff drives me mad.

A nice chap replied to my annoyance:

In engineering, of course small things count but these small things are actually big things since these small things can actually cost millions of dollars..

“Everything counts in large amounts” is what got us low-flow toilets, reduction of incandescent light bulbs, and recycling programs that don’t work. What does work are significant things that are done in large amounts such as EPA car standards as well as air and water pollution standards. If it’s easy, it probably isn’t going to help or it’s going to have bad unintended consequences.

It’s probably also a pretty good definition of socialism when these are forced on you by the government.

So the next time Andretti Racing offers Alexander a ride on the corporate jet, I’m confident he’ll turn it down and fly commercially. After all, it’s the small things that count.

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