Netflix Binge Trifecta: The Punisher, Russian Doll & Rake

The Bad-Ass, The Bad and The Funny


Not Kidding!

Since the Polar Vortex and the subsequent Major Snow Dumpage I have been spending a lot of Quality Time with my Netflix subscription.

As it is my compulsive habituation to Share, I will bring you up to speed on how Your Uncle Bruno has been spending the long winter days and nights.

First up, THE PUNISHER Season 2.

Now look, I’m not a major comic book to silver screen kinda guy OK?  I threw in the towel on JESSICA JONES despite the fact that Krysten Ritter is majorly hawt.

THE PUNISHER Season 1 was pretty darn good, had plenty of mayhem and enough plot twists to keep me interested.

So I can tell you with unequivocal lead-pipe cinch certainty that Season 2 is even better.

Most of the major characters are back, including The Villain.  And the first quarter is set in rural Michigan and Ohio so the viewer is spared 100% Big Apple.

I’m not remembering any overt SJW nonsense either.  I’m sure there were a couple cringe-inducing lines of dialogue but overall it was just shoot-shoot-bang-bang-kaboomski.

Definitely a Toxic Masculinity Luv Fest.

I followed that puppy up with RUSSIAN DOLL, kinda a Millennial acid trip re-boot of the Bill Murray classic GROUNDHOG DAY.


Your Uncle Bruno watched so you don’t have to.

RD is dripping of NYC political correctness and no SJW talking point is left unturned. Yeah, I stuck with it more outta a perverse clinician’s curiosity and while it was about a 3 outta 10, it did have some outrageously funny moments.

But not enough to earn the Uncle Bruno Seal of Approval.

Skip it unless you want to take a video field trip into the world of elitist Manhattan hipster-ism.

Which brings me to The Latest Binge: RAKE.

An Australian comedy/drama about a whoremongering, low-life Sydney lawyer, his dysfunctional circle of friends and a revolving door of Very Bizarre (usually very guilty) Clientele.

Episode 1, Season 1: The Case of the Cannibal Economist.

If only Rake could have hooked his client up with Paul Krugman…

Added bonus: lotsa nekkid Aussie babe-a-lonias.

Definitely a keeper!

So Your Uncle Bruno’s Binge Batting Average to date for this February: 667.

Hey, Your Uncle Bruno never claimed to be perfect…



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