Jim Acosta: ‘Fixated’ Trump Wants To Paint The Wall

He’s a madman! A MADMAN!

Jim Acosta Trump Paint Wall

Just when you think Fake News CNN can’t get any worse, Jim Acosta begs you to hold his beer while he shows everyone how it’s done. Acosta informed all five of his Twitter followers Tuesday that Trump was so obsessed with building The Wall that he wants to paint it.

I’m not making that up.

The unmitigated gall! What sort of madman paints a wall after he builds it! Why, to hear Jim Acosta tell it Trump is completely obsessed with building his wall to the point where he’s picking paints that match his soul at Home Depot!

Actually, it turns out that Trump has a pretty good reason for wanting to paint that particular section of wall.

Simply put, according to CNN, San Diego’s wall looks like crap.

One of Trump’s advisers, who also attended the meeting, said the President was so passionate about his desire for a barrier at the southern border, he even discussed the idea of painting the stretch of fencing where it meets the Pacific Ocean in San Diego.

Trump, according to the adviser, said he doesn’t like the way it looks, noting there is some graffiti on that section of the border fencing. Trump complained that a general informed him that painting that portion of the wall may not be possible as it could cause environmental harm.

The source had said Trump didn’t like the graffiti that was showing up on that section of the wall.

The section of wall in San Diego that Trump wants painted is covered in graffiti and looks like crap. Yet CNN and Jim Acosta would have us believe that Trump’s desire is completely unreasonable. No doubt Jim had visions of President Trump painting the wall with the blood of immigrant children while cackling madly about how “it’s a good thing” like a demented Martha Stewart.

Additionally, the CNN story and Jim Acosta himself imply that Trump was annoyed that he couldn’t paint the wall because it would harm the environment. No surprise, but CNN got that wrong too.

Per the original story in Politico:

At the get-together, the president also told a story about wanting to paint an existing border structure along the U.S.-Mexico border a matte black color to deter illegal immigrants from crossing into the U.S. He got the idea for the color from his days as a real estate developer. But his plan was put on ice because painting the structure would first require a study of the potential environmental impacts — an anecdote the president told attendees to illustrate the effects of what he saw as onerous government regulations.

President Trump wanted to paint the wall in San Diego black because it looked like crap, and because a black paint job might help deter border jumpers. His generals informed him that painting the wall would require an environmental impact study. The man who ran his presidential campaign partly on cutting government regulations, and who has cut regulations at a record pace, was annoyed that he couldn’t do so without spending millions on red tape.

And CNN wonders why everyone calls them fake news.


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