Is Racist Ralph Northam Leaving The Democrat Party?

Desperate times…

Racist Ralph Northam Leaves Democrat Party

Racist Democrat Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia found himself in a whole heap of trouble after a racist photo of himself in his college yearbook was released to the media.

Since then Racist Ralph Northam has apologized, walked back his apology, demanded the use of facial recognition technology to determine whether or not he’s actually in the photo, and told us about the “one time” he wore blackface to dress up as Michael Jackson. Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that Racist Ralph Northam’s nickname in college was “Coonman.”

Prominent Democrats have desperately attempted to get Racist Ralph Northam to resign his post. “Let the black guy (and possible rapist) Justin Fairfax have it!” they cry.

Prominent conservatives, by contrast, are passing around the popcorn and enjoying the self-immolation that is the Virginia Democrat party.

All in all it’s been a pretty bizarre ride in Virginia the last few days.

Word is that Racist Ralph Northam is desperate to hold onto his position. Northam is apparently so desperate that he’s even considered leaving the Democrat party.

Over the past several days, he has even toyed with the idea of leaving the Democratic Party and governing as an independent — a sign of the degree that he is isolated from every political ally, from his state party and from the national party.

No doubt Racist Ralph Northam is hoping that leaving the Democrat party would quiet things down some. Democrats such as presidential hopeful Kamala Harris and presidential loser Hillary Clinton might not be so keen to get rid of Northam if he’s no longer affiliated with them.

The problem with that line of reasoning, of course, is the fact that Racist Ralph Northam has been affiliated with the Democrat party for his entire political career. He’s stumped heavily for Democrats in Virginia in the past, and likely would continue to do so. Additionally, his top men in the state-Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (possible rapist) and Attorney General Mark Herring (also wore blackface)-are also Democrats.

Then, of course, there’s the Virginia Republican party. It seems highly unlikely that they would just forget that Racist Ralph Northam was ever a Democrat if he leaves the party. Anyone with half a brain would feel the need to constantly remind voters that Racist Ralph Northam was a Democrat, and yes, racism is part and parcel of the Democrat party.

Like it or not, Racist Ralph Northam is indelibly linked with today’s Democrats. Simply changing the letter after his name will not erase the stain that Racist Ralph Northam has brought upon the Democrat party.


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