Infighting Engulfs the Democrats as the 2020 Primary Looms

Bolsheviks vs. Mensheviks

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The 2020 primaries are looming, and the Democrats have turned on themselves. Here’s one example:

Right after Schultz announced that he was “seriously considering” a run for president as an Independent, Twitter Leftists began calling for a boycott of Starbucks, even though Schultz is no longer the CEO. Then, former Obama officials started hyperventilating, saying Schultz’s run would “ruin the world.” Finally, polls were released shortly after that found Schultz polled at a whopping 17% in a three-way race against President Donald Trump and either Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) or Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). Trump and one of those Democrats polled at 33% and 31% respectively, making Schultz’s 17% a huge upset.

Schultz only announced a week ago, and already a Leftist Super PAC is digging up opposition research on the former CEO. American Bridge 21st Century — the Super PAC founded by Media Matters for America leader David Brock — is trying to take Schultz out by researching legal settlements paid to Starbucks employees during the former CEO’s tenure.

CNBC received the results of the first round of research, which found “Starbucks paid $46 million in settlements to employees complaining about wage and compensation issues, much of the time while Schultz was often at the helm.”

American Bridge has considerable funds with which to damage a candidate, as it receives financial support from George Soros, Bernard Schwartz, and George Marcus.

Schultz is the biggest example of a Democrat being targeted for destruction by their fellow Democrats, but he isn’t the only one. Elizabeth Warren is also being hammered in the press over her “fake Indian” problem. The governor of Virginia, his attorney general, and the Lieutenant Governor have turned on each other. There is a real possibility that Virginia could be taken over by the GOP if all three men are forced into resigning.

The real question is whether this infighting is going to have an impact on 2020. At the moment, I’d say no, because it’s never had an impact in the past – the Democrats, much more than Republicans, are good soldiers who obey orders and vote how they’re told regardless of any stated principles. But I’ve also never seen the left turn in on itself like this before.


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