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There are so many things you learn too late in life. Learning to be an electronic engineer was really hard work with an almost certainty of becoming obsolete. I realize now that the the best career path is to form a non-profit and have people give you money.

It turns out that for every non-profit established to promote a cause, there’s a non-profit to promote the opposite of that cause. Not only that but people will give you and they will give your competitors money as well to support a common cause which means you really don’t have any competition — at least in the capitalist sense.

Tonight I was watching the news and there was an ad for a non-profit called GASP — Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution and their tagline is “smoke is smoke.” I found the irony quite delicious since virtually all public places are smoke free in Colorado and there are numerous ordinances to reduce second hand smoke risks. Now, however, people want to smoke in public again — and what do that want to smoke? Marijuana, of course. You know, the plant that has all sorts of wonderful healing and medical properties that no one can verify.

Congress Matt Gaetz (R-Florida and Trump ally) has introduced legislation to loosen federal restriction on medical marijuana research. Oh sure, why not. Don’t be surprised Congressman if it turns out that marijuana has no medicinal value other than people like to get high.

GASP would like you to know that marijuana smoke contains 33 known cancer causing chemicals such as Hydrogen Cyanide, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Acetone, and Arsenic. Well, that doesn’t sound good!

Electronic cigarettes are coming under additional scrutiny as well.

In 2015 the California Department of Public health said that

E‐cigarette emissions are also a health concern for those exposed to the secondhand aerosol. Although not as dangerous as secondhand smoke from combustible tobacco products, people exposed to e‐ cigarette aerosol absorb nicotine at levels comparable to people exposed to secondhand smoke

It just gives me a chuckle that we have one group of Social Justice Warriors pitted against another group of Social Justice Warriors. pitted against another group of Social Justice Warriors. The more the left goes about pushing the boundaries of there should be life without limits and I can do whatever I want, the more these actions will no doubt impinge on the rights of someone else. Which, of course, will generate new Social Justice Warriors to put the brakes on the first group of Social Justice Warriors.

The beauty of it is that both groups will find supporters to give them money and they will have long careers battling each other with websites, position papers, the occasional march, and the annual fund raiser. No one needs to win or lose and the best result is a decades long stalemate.. In fact, both groups need one another to fund raise just like the GOP-e needs the Democrat Party and vice versa.



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