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Fact Checking the SOTU

President Trump aluminum and steel tariffs

I was going to go to bed but this is too good to pass up. I was reading one of the local news websites and saw this headline prominently displayed:

VERIFY: Fact-checking Trump’s State of the Union speech

The first thing that caught my eye was “Our VERIFY researchers fact-checked both [Trump and Stacey Abrams]  of their claims and statements in real-time.” Fake news comes precisely from the egoistical nature of the media not giving a moment’s thought to what has been said and responding in real time. So let’s see what we have:

“Agents will tell you, where walls go up, illegal crossings go way down.”

Verified, but needs context.

OK but almost everything needs context. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was true but the context was “but I hope you have plenty of cash because you probably can’t find insurance any longer.”

They go on to give a bunch of numbers and statistics which are interesting but do not diminish the point President Trump was trying to make.

“Our brave troops have now been fighting in the Middle East for almost 19 years.”


The U.S. launched its intervention in Afghanistan, operation “Enduring Freedom,” on Oct. 7, 2001. So the U.S. has been “fighting in the Middle East” for almost 18 years.

False? Are you kidding me? I’m not even going to dignify this by trying to find out what starting date the President might be using! For God’s sake, the point was that we’ve been in the Middle East for an irrationally long time!

“In just over two years since the election, we have launched an unprecedented economic boom – a boom that has rarely been seen before. We have created 5.3 million new jobs….”


Since January 2017, the economy added 4.9 million new jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

OK. I’m really getting pissed now! FALSE! What idiots! A difference of 0.4 million and it’s false because there’s a different number on a government website? Get a clue! Donald Trump personally saved this country from the economic disaster that was Barack Obama! That’s the point!

Just in case you were wondering, the two claims they looked at for Stacey Abrams they ranked as verified. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to make my blood boil but let’s have a look at one:

Abrams: “Hard-working Americans are falling behind, living paycheck to paycheck, most without labor unions to protect them from even worse harm.”


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that over 156 million people are employed as of January of 2019. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that under 15 million Americans are currently members of labor unions. Put in percentages: the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that just about 10.7 percent of American workers were members of unions in 2017, a drop of nearly half from the 20.1 percent that were in unions in the first year union statistics were measured in 1983.

So they “verify” that most people don’t work for unions. WTF?! Are they falling behind due to inflation? No, that’s not a problem at the moment. The unemployment rate is 4.0%. If you want a job, you can find a job. And not only that, if you have skills, there’s someone out there who will pay you more for them now.

And who are the people who have traditionally been union members? They were skilled in the trades. Where did those jobs go? THEY WENT OVERSEAS! Who is trying to bring those jobs back? PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

And when these jobs come back, who will benefit? It will be all Americans including union members.

It isn’t very hard to predict that Donald Trump may go down in history as the president who saved the unions in the United States!

Damn. Now I’m so wound up I probably won’t be able to sleep!

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