Does Anyone Have a Sense of Humor Anymore?

Just venting

I may just have to cancel my Twitter account. There is no one who has the least sense of humor on there anymore.

My hero, Mario Andretti, tweeted —

Very famous guy, sitting on his jet, in his checkered flag socks, tweets to his fans. It gave me a chuckle. I also happen to follow a guy who takes really cool photographs of airplanes and happens to be in Toronto. So I tweet to him to see whether he has any pull (which, of course, he doesn’t) and he replies:

Cute. But, of course, we have to have someone that has to find something negative in this little slice of life:

I am so tired of this! Everyone is so damn sanctimonious these days! Of course, we see this constantly with President Trump but that’s part of the political game I suppose. It’s getting so anyone says anything and someone is going to say the opposite and claim the moral high ground. Do I need to mention abortion and how “women’s health” is the ‘morally superior position’ that’s espoused by the left?

At least one person had a great tweet in response:

Oh, you’re wondering about the photo of the dog. That’s Max Andretti all dressed up for Halloween. I’m sure that offends a whole bunch of people BUT I DON’T CARE!

By the way, I don’t think that tweeting is the most effective way for an aircraft to contact Air Traffic Control. Unless of course, you’re . . .




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