Best Memes of the Week – With Love From MAGA Country

NPC Meme Apocalypse

Another week, another post that takes a look at many of the memes out there in the world. Here are some great memes fresh from MAGA Country…the real one, not the one that only exists in the minds of overpaid actors and Blue Check Mark Twitterites.

Feel free to share your favorite memes from the week in the comments below!

Even the animals are using hashtags now:

If you’re ever baffled by the appeal of communism, think of the oceans of money that the Dear Leaders get to swim in:

Speaking of that:

A little something for Dan

I’m excited for the Meme Wars of 2020, how about you?

What kind of banned substance would someone have to be on to tolerate 900 hours of Fallout 76?

2000 really is a higher number:

And for the obligatory AOC meme (although I hear ya, we can pull back on these to stop giving the moron so much unwarranted attention):

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