Alec Baldwin: Give Michael Cohen A Medal Of Honor!


Alec Baldwin Medal of Honor Michael Cohen

Hardcore Hollywood Leftists have been going absolutely gaga over Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. They seem to have utterly convinced themselves that the testimony of a weasel who was convicted of lying to Congress once already-and who has been disbarred due to his fraud convictions-is beyond reproach.

In other words, Hollywood Leftists believe that Michael Cohen’s testimony is the final nail in Trump’s proverbial coffin. There’s nowhere for Orange Man Bad to go now except straight to jail!

alec baldwin medal of honor jail
No $200 for Orange Man…

Just imagine the courage, nay, the unabashed, raw heroism that it took for Michael Cohen to get up in front of all those congresspersons, and…possibly lie to them all over again. Michael Cohen has truly done this country and its people a service not seen since Abraham Lincoln himself slew a horde of vampires to single handedly win the Civil War.

alec baldwin medal of honor vampire
It’s history. Look it up, bigot…

Michael Cohen obviously deserves some kind of reward for all of his hard work. But what award could possibly even come close to expressing the gratitude of a nation pulled back from the brink of the horrors of the Trumpenreich?

Lucky for us, Alec Baldwin has the answer.

You read that fevered, possibly drunken tweet correctly. Fine, upstanding citizen Alec Baldwin believes that Michael Cohen deserves nothing less than our nation’s highest military honor.

Of course, Michael Cohen never served in the military, but having to suffer under the heel of Orange Man Bad’s gainful employment has to count for something. I mean it’s kind of like Michael Cohen served in Vietnam and Korea while liberating Jews from Nazi death camps, right?



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