The TSA Is Playing Gangster Rap At JFK

The old grope and grind…

TSA gangster rap

The Transportation Security Administration has been particularly hard hit by the Democrats’ partial government shut down. TSA workers, unwilling to work for no pay, have been calling in sick in record numbers.

The problem has gotten so bad that Miami International Airport was forced to briefly close one of its terminals due to TSA staffing issues. Houston’s George Bush Internation Airport has also been forced to close one of its terminals due to similar issues. There was no word on when the terminal might reopen.

TSA workers’ morale has gotten so bad that staff members (I refuse to call them “agents”) have taken to blaring uncensored gangster rap over the loudspeakers at JFK airport.

From the ultra-left wing Yahoo News:

Because Donald Trump refuses to abandon plans for his xenophobic border wall, the US has entered day 25 of the partial government shutdown — officially the longest shutdown in the country’s history. As a result, hundreds of thousands of federal workers continue to go unpaid.

Airports have been especially hit hard by the shutdown, as many employees have called out sick, unwilling to put in time for zero pay. Those that have shown up… well, let’s just say they’ve been making the best of their situations: In recent weeks, passengers at New York’s JFK airport have reported hearing TSA agents blast explicit, uncensored versions of rap songs over the loudspeakers.

As Business Insider points out, “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott and Drake has been prominently heard, as has “Lift Yourself”, the “musical poop joke” song from Kanye West. Other tracks from Beastie Boys and Ludacris have also apparently been in rotation.

Apparently, the TSA is just as bad at picking music as it is at catching terrorists and spotting weapons.

The Left loves to whine and complain about how TSA workers not getting paid undercuts the safety of American travelers. It’s worth pointing out that the TSA has not caught one single terrorist in its eighteen-year history.

Additionally, the TSA is really, really, really bad at spotting guns, knives, bombs, etc. TSA workers (again, I refuse to call them agents) missed over 70% of fake weapons that law enforcement watchdogs smuggled onto planes in 2017.

Americans, however, can rest assured that no small child, elderly grandmother, or terminally ill cancer patient will get past the TSA’s vigilant screeners!

TSA pat down
Listen, buddy, you’re the tenth person to try that “I have cancer” shtick on me today…

Perhaps it would be best to permanently furlough the TSA. Mr. Magoo would do a better job at keeping the nation’s airports safe at this point.


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