Trump Cancels Nancy Pelosi’s Overseas Trip While She Was on Her Way to the Airport UPDATE: Returns Cart FULL of Luggage to Her Office!

Nancy Pelosi received a massive smackdown from the President, firmly showing her who is actually in charge of the government and its transportation of its representatives.

This move by President Trump comes after Nancy Pelosi called on the president to submit the State of the Union address in writing or move the date due to the shutdown and security concerns because the Secret Service may not be operating at maximum performance.

She made this call, and reiterated it in a press conference today, even though the Department of Homeland Security announced that they would be able to compensate for the security concerns that Pelosi brought up in her letter to the president.

Now President Trump has cancelled her flights to Germany, Egypt, and Afghanistan and told her that if she would like to still make the trip, she can do so on her own dime.
Trump Cancels Pelosi's flight

In a single action by President Trump, Pelosi has been made his bitch.

UPDATE: If That Wasn’t Enough

Trump just sent all of Pelosi’s luggage back to her office:


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.

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  1. Republicans cherish white nationalism and hate Hispanics so much that they are willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of federal workers and millions of contractor lives.

    I remember when the Republican party was for fiscal conservatism and strong international influence. Those days are long gone.

  2. I just love it, she is always trying to out do him but , he finds something she never thought of. She will never learn, he is the president, he is number one in charge. The dam nerve of her wanting him to delay or submit the state of the union in writing.

  3. She and her buddies need to stay home and tend to business. They don’t need to be flying off on useless taxpayer funded boondoggles, they need to come to the table and seriously negotiate to end the shutdown. The fact that they tried to leave and shirk their duty without handling the shutdown makes me angry!

  4. Soooooooo glad to have a president who will stand up for what “we the people” want, which is exactly what he’s doing and not caving in to what other people say or do…….we need this protection, security and much needed help for our border patrol….!

    I’m glad that he feels our security is worthy of his stand on this matter, it may seem juvenile at times, but I feel he was forced into a stand, and thank GOD he’s man enough to do it……!

    All this talk about ” open the government, then we will negotiate” is so much liberal BS, they have no more intention of doing that than denouncing socialism, we know the answer to that!

    So I say stand tall, Mr President, we deplorables appreciate the job your doing and have you back……..! MAGA.!

  5. What goes around comes around! Let President Trump build the wall! If it doesn’t work, that would be powerful Political Ammo in the 2020 election for the Democrat Party! $5 billion isn’t even a tenth of a percent of the Federal Budget. Its peanuts 🥜 It’s a no brainer! Unless, you really think it will work.

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