Threats Cause Covington Catholic High School To Close Tuesday

Behold, the tolerance of the Left…

Covington Catholic High School Closed

Covington Catholic High School was forced to close its doors to students and teachers on Tuesday. School administrators provided little detail to parents other than a brief email citing “safety concerns.”

The Gateway Pundit obtained a copy of the email in which Covington Catholic High School advised parents the school was closed for the day.

Covington Catholic High School Closed email

Parents also reported receiving a prerecorded call around 6:00 AM this morning from the Covington Catholic High School principal. The principal reportedly advised parents that the school was closed due to “security concerns,” and that students and parents would not be allowed on campus for any reason today.

The school closure comes just a few days after several students from Covington Catholic High School were accused of harassing Native American veteran and professional left-wing activist Nathan Phillips. A video of the encounter allegedly showed the students yelling and chanting at Phillips while he beat a drum just inches away from another student’s face.

Left-wing activists and media ran with the story, gleefully doxing the children and exposing them to vile threats from celebrities and Antifa-types. A few short hours after the story broke, however, the entire video of the encounter between Phillips and the students was released. This new video showed that the students were first accosted by Black Lives Matter activists. Nathan Phillips subsequently was shown approaching the students, contradicting his claims that the students had been harassing him.

A local Antifa group has planned to protest at Covington Catholic High School at 10:00 AM today, along with a far-left Native American rights group.


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