The “Wasn’t that an Awesome Presser!” Open Thread?

And the Press Behaved Themselves!

Who would have thought that the press would actually behave themselves in a presser!

I thought the President was awesome.

As usual, the press is using sound bites out of context but at least they seem to be using real sounds bites so there’s that! Take this one where a reporter asked the president if he’d considered using emergency powers to build the wall. President Trump said:

We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country, absolutely. We can do it. I haven’t done it, I may do it. I may do it, but we can call a national emergency and build it quickly, it’s another way of doing it. If we can do it through a negotiated process, we’re giving that a shot.

To which CNN says

This is actually old news and any other answer from the President like “oh, no. I’d never do that” would be giving away something in the negotiation that he doesn’t have to. He does this over and over and over and over and yet the press is still dumbfounded by it.

And, of course, we have:

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