The Bulwark Is #NeverTrump’s Death Rattle

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The Bulwark Bill Kristol NeverTrump

Never Trumpers and Leftists (but I repeat myself) across America were crushed when the formerly conservative website The Weekly Standard was forced to close its doors. Who would parrot Leftist talking points masked as conservatism? After several long weeks Bill Kristol, one of the founders of The Weekly Standard, has given them an answer in the form of the new “conservative” website The Bulwark.

The Bulwark’s motto is “conservatism conserved.” I’ll tell you why The Bulwark really represents Never Trump’s death rattle.

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John Nolte over at Breitbart wrote an extensive takedown of The Bulwark. Articles like this are the reason why I consider Nolte my spirit animal.


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