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How you became a legend in your own mind

I worked for a company that was going to build a new building and a lot of nice sod was going to get destroyed in the process. This was “no good deed goes unpunished” since both sod cutting machines from the company they hired to cut sod and give it to employees broke in the first 10 minutes. Everyone was pissed.

This was on a Friday afternoon.

Since I had a brand new house to sod, I rented my own sod cutter and came back to cut me a lawn. About noon on Saturday, all of the companies executives showed up and said hello as I was cutting sod from the front of the building. “Surreal” doesn’t do it justice.

It was obvious that they were there to plan a layoff. The question was whether I was showing initiative by cutting sod with my loud machine right under the President’s window — or was I of so low value that I was best equipped for cutting sod?

There was also the possibility that they’d call the police for stealing company property.

I didn’t get laid off but I did build a bit of a legend that day!

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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