Rick Scott Probably Won the Puerto Rican Vote in 2018

A significant Democrat loss

Prior to the 2018 election, I speculated the Puerto Rican vote was going to be a significant factor in the Florida Senate race.

Tens of thousands of displaced Puerto Ricans had fled to the US mainland in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and Democrats were working hard to turn out their votes. The entire motivating factor behind the Democrats and the media’s disgraceful efforts to blame the Hurricane on President Trump was to whip up anti-Republican hatred among Puerto Ricans in the hopes of turning Florida blue.

Rick Scott did an outstanding job of managing to make this strategy fail:

Scott won 48 percent of the Hispanic vote, just about the same portion he won in his two gubernatorial victories.

The Hispanic voter breakdown was 35 percent Cuban, 21 percent Puerto Rican, and 44 percent other, which includes Colombian, Venezuelan, and other South American countries.

On job approval Scott scored at 61 percent, with 47 percent strongly approving and 14 percent somewhat approving.

Then the survey asked a series of agree/disagree statements, where surveyors read the voters a question and they would either agree or disagree. On whether Scott cared about the concerns of Hispanic communities in Florida, 58 percent agreed, 37 percent disagreed.

“Scott blows it out with Cubans, but we had majorities of all Hispanic voters agreeing that yes, Gov. Rick Scott, in fact, cares about the concerns,” Anderson said.

The next agree/disagree question on Scott’s time as governor of Florida was whether he made it a better place for Hispanics to prosper; 58 percent agreed, 35 percent disagreed.

The reason you are hearing less and less about Puerto Rico from the media is that Democrat interest in this demographic has waned because of them voting the wrong way, though it is possible the Democrat led house might make a second try at the Puerto Rican vote in the next two years through the vehicle of a House investigation that serves to re-blame the hurricane on Trump.


Written by Doomberg

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