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Reggie Bush Says Trump Insulted Clemson With Fast Food

Monday night saw President Trump host the Clemson Tigers. The party was supposed to be a celebration of Clemson winning their second national championship after they defeated Alabama 44-16.

Rather than the typical spread of various fancy dishes President Trump instead bought a ton of burgers, fries, and pizza for the football team. In fact, President Trump had said the goal of the night was to “have a little fun.”

The dinner was widely panned by the Mainstream Media and the Left (but I repeat myself). Various pundits and commentators (re Internet trolls) were outrageously outraged by President Trump’s supposed lack of respect for the Clemson Tigers.

Former NFL player Reggie Bush weighed in on the “controversy” as well, stating that the fast food buffet was an insult to everything the Clemson Tigers had accomplished.

Reggie Bush doubled down, retweeting a follower who said cold french fries were “the worst.”

It’s at this point I should point out that the fries that were served were from McDonald’s. Having eaten McDonald’s several times (okay, many times) over the course of my life, I can confirm that McDonald’s french fries actually travel very well. In fact, they can be quite delightful if you warm them up in a toaster oven a day or two later.

There’s one thing that’s gotten lost in this whole “Mcdonald’s-gate” controversy. How did the actual Clemson players feel about being treated to a buffet of burgers, fries, and pizza? Surely these young men-nay, these paragons of athletic achievement-were just as insulted as Reggie Bush was. These men are the very pinnacle of college football in America. Surely they felt they deserved to be taken out to a fancy, three Michelin star establishment.

Were there no Sizzlers open in Washington, D.C., Drumpf?


Just imagine if President Trump had served Chick Fil A for dinner…

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