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President Trump Doesn’t Care!

On Sunday, Senator Dick Durbin made this comment on “Face the Nation”

I can’t say that we’re close, because the president has made it clear he doesn’t care. He’s prepared to see a shutdown for months and even said years, and reaffirmed that before the cameras. It was stunning to hear a president of the United States say that about his own government, a government we elected him to lead.

For once, I can honestly say that I agree wholeheartedly with the good Senator.

In the mind of the Senator, he can only imagine all the political maneuverings that President Trump might be considering to get himself out of the shutdown mess. The problem is that President Trump is not a politician and has absolutely no interest nor any experience in political maneuvers.

He has one and only one desire and that is to win the single biggest thing that his voters expected of him. It’s not because he cares about re-election and it’s not because he cares about his legacy. He simply cares because it’s both the right thing and necessary thing to do as a key to Making American Great Again.

While it was a bit of a different circumstance, Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 striking air traffic controllers on Aug. 5, 1981. Not only that but he also forbid any of them from working in government again. I had a cousin who flew a Huey in Vietnam who’d become an Air Traffic Controller working out of Indianapolis Center. He was beyond shocked when he was fired. No one expected the backup plan of using supervisors, 2,000 nonstriking controllers and 900 military controllers to work. But it worked well enough and there were plenty of people who lined up for a chance at a high paying job like this.

The point is that those 11,000 controllers thought they had Ronald Reagan over a barrel. Surprise!

Here’s a fun thought — what if President Trump decided to do a little swamp draining and simply fired all the 800,000 government workers affected by the government shutdown?

But none of those people would ever vote for him again! Probably true but I think he’s probably right that the majority are likely to be  Democrats who aren’t going to vote for him anyway. In any case, he simply doesn’t care if we gets the country a wall on our southern border!

The Democrats in Congress might care a bit particularly if  a measly $5B might mean that these 800,000 people get their jobs back. I think they’re going to need more Internet bandwidth to handle comments from their constituents! The Republicans might as well just head for Puerto Rico and watch things play out on big screen TVs.

We have an awful lot of military people who no doubt could begin filling critical roles if, and I think the jury is still out here, there are actually any critical roles to be filled. Oh, sure, it will be annoying if the National Parks aren’t open this summer but I could live with that.

Is President Trump capable of doing such a thing? Of course he is! That’s something Senator Durbin will have to come to grips with. The president simply doesn’t care whether 800,000 lose their jobs or not because the security of our country as well as the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on illegal immigration are way, way, WAY more important!

Just a thought, Senator.

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