President Trump Blasts Da Nang Dick Blumenthal In Late Night Tweet

Busy, busy deplorable…

President Trump was a busy deplorable Monday night. First, President Trump trolled left-wing global warming alarmists by pointing out that some areas of the country were seeing the coldest temperatures ever recorded. Once that firestorm had somewhat settled, Trump decided to take aim at Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal.

President Trump’s tweet, of course, references the fact that Senator Blumenthal-aka “Da Nang Dick”-had lied about his military service in order to advance his political career. Senator Blumenthal had claimed for years that he had actually served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Ironically enough it was the New York Times that called Da Nang Dick out on his lies in a 2010 article. Blumenthal was forced to publicly apologize for misleading (another word for lying) the public about his war record.

Da Nang Dick had recently implied that William Barr, President Trump’s nominee to replace Attorney General Jeff “Stealth” Sessions, would use legal loopholes to hide Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report from the public. Da Nang Dick also expressed concern that Barr would resist efforts to subpoena the White House during the course of the investigation.

President Trump’s late-night attack against Da Nang Dick appeared to have struck a nerve with Twitter Leftists. They were none too happy that President Trump pointed out that one of the leaders of #TheResistance is a stolen valor liar.

Actually the embarrassment is the fact that the Democrat party is able to put known liars, fraudsters, and cheats in high level positions of power with nary a word of protest from the “progressive” masses.

Right, Da Nang Dick?


Written by Radius

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