Northern Mariana Islands Recovering From Supertyphoon Yutu


Three months after the typhoon struck the Northern Mariana Islands, things seem to be slowly returning to normal:

Eighty-two percent of residents on the Northern Marianas island of Saipan have had their power restored nearly three months after Typhoon Yutu destroyed the local power grid.

The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation says over 11,000 customers are now connected as opposed to over 13,000 customers prior to Yutu.

Sixty-three percent of the island of Tinian also have power now.

It’s worth noting the difference between the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico. The Northern Marianas took only three months to restore most of their electricity, whereas Puerto Rico took six months, and this was in spite of the Northern Marianas being much further away from the mainland US than Puerto Rico, making it harder for assistance from the mainland to reach them.

And the islanders also didn’t get hysterical wall to wall coverage in the US media like Puerto Rico did, largely because the territory is small and less likely to impact US elections; the governor is also a Republican and a Trump ally.

Of course, it will still be years before the Northern Mariana Islands are back to normal. The sheer level of infrastructure destroyed means they will have a long recovery ahead of them. But their prospects are better than Puerto Rico’s, at least.


Written by Doomberg

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