NO TRANNIES FOR YOU: SCOTUS Allows Military’s Transgender Ban To Go Into Effect

5-4 decision along ideological lines…

Supreme Court Transgender Troop Ban

The Supreme Court has issued a 5-4 ruling that put on hold a ban on transgender troops that the Trump administration had attempted to institute in 2017.

The decision was along ideological lines, with the liberal wing of the Supreme Court dissenting.

The case against the Trump administration’s ban on transgender troops is still ongoing. Today’s ruling, however, allows the Trump administration to begin enforcing the ban while the case makes its way through the court system.

The Supreme Court declined to hear expedited arguments in the case as had been requested by the Trump administration. Today’s decision, however, is widely seen as a victory for the administration, and a clue as to which way the Supreme Court will decide when it finally does hear arguments in this case. Many believe that the Court will be inclined to uphold the transgender ban.

Transgender troops have been serving openly since the closing days of the Obama administration in 2016.

Leftists were…shall we say…less than pleased with today’s ruling.

Let’s end this article on a positive note. You know, something that will make the Left feel better about the Trumpocalypse they’re being forced to live under.


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