Nancy Pelosi: No Mr. Trump, You Still Won’t be Able to do the State of the Union

Oh really?

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According to Democrat House leadership, in order for President Trump to be allowed to deliver the State of the Union address to the American people and Congress, President Trump needed to reopen the government.

President Trump has thrown away all of his momentum from the shutdown in favor of more useless negotiations with people who have taken socialism to a religious nutcase level.

Now to add icing to this sad cake, President Trump is again being denied an invite to the House of Representatives by Speaker Pelosi, for reasons unknown to those who don’t understand what the Democrats are doing. This is war, Mr. President, and one which you are repeatedly demonstrating that you are clearly way in over your head at fighting.

You ended that pointless shutdown to negotiate with terrorists. And now you’ve been bitten again:

Of course the Twitter personality of the President was too busy speaking out about voter fraud and illegal aliens to comment.

Yet when the tweeting stops, the real world president is the one who stopped the voter fraud commission and has repeatedly backpedaled and dialed down on his 2016 statements.

By continuing the Bush family tradition of being a “Uniter and not a Divider,” Mr. Trump is sealing the fate of his presidency. Mr. Trump, please re-read The Snake again and please realize that negotiations with the Deep State and the Democrats is not going to end well for you.

Maybe you should take a look at these tweets and reconsider?


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