Petty Nancy Pelosi Cancels The State Of The Union UPDATE: Trump to Find Alternate Venue

Small and petty…

The one question on everyone’s mind has been whether or not Speaker Nancy Pelosi would extend the traditional invitation to President Trump to deliver the State of the Union address to the House of Representatives. Pelosi had previously urged President Trump to reschedule the State of the Union until after the government shut down ended, citing nebulous “security concerns.”

Of course, these “security concerns” were cooked up completely by Speaker Pelosi’s (possibly) dementia-addled brain. Both the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security said unequivocally that the current shut down drama had done nothing to hurt their ability to protect the State of the Union.

It was after Pelosi’s “suggestion” that President Trump cancelled a “fact finding mission” (aka, vacation) that dozens of Democrats had intended to take to Europe and Afghanistan. While the Democrats were on their way to the airport to board their military transport. America was left wondering exactly how Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats would respond to such an affront.

Speaker Pelosi gave America its answer today as her office sent the White House a letter stating that they would not be extending an invitation to President Trump to speak in front of the House.

Nancy Pelosi is clearly trying to outdo President Trump in the chutzpah department. Much like she tried to do when she “suggested” that President Trump postpone the State of the Union.

We all saw how Trump countered that thinly veiled threat.

UPDATE: President Trump Responds!

According to John Roberts of Fox News, President Trump will be seeking out an alternate venue. His initial remarks from CNN:


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  1. It is protocol that the house invite the president for the State of the Union address if,The house doesn’t invite him he is not to give the State Of The Union Address. He has been invited by someone else, but it is not there place to do so. Personally I like the fire side chat. He can give us speech from the Oval Office. It will not be called the State Of The Union Address. But who cares . We the American people have a right to hear what our President has to say. Trump, will always get over on her, because he is trying to do right by our country, she is only trying to do for herself.

  2. She doesn’t seem to understand. Even though the far left crazies will praise how strong she is for ‘standing up’ to the president, he will still address our nation on the 29th and all she will have proven is she has no real power. Bills she gets through the house still have to pass the Senate and the president. She is essentially a talking head who thinks she is important. Keep it up Nancy. You’re showing the world how little power you actually have to do anything.

  3. Right or wrong, Trump is going to make this woman look like a complete idiot, and when he does, y’all are going to talk about how mean and nasty he is.

    The canceling of her flight with her friends and family will look like a cake walk compared to what will come.

    I give it 3 days max.

  4. The cheap Illegal Immigrant Slave Labor is becoming Obsolete! By 2030 40% of non skilled labor will be replaced with AI Robotics on Farms and Industry. An Inconvenient Truth nobody talks about. What happens then? Third World Homeless Shantytowns? Build the wall 🇺🇸

  5. In case you trump supporters didn’t know she is the duly elected Speaker of the House and therefore can with the support of her fellow Democrats has the right to approve or deny inviting trump. In case you forgot it is the same thing in the Senate that McConnell is doing by denying a vote to re-open the government. You would think

  6. Since when does Nancy Pelosi own the House Chambers? She doesn’t. It belongs to the citizens of the USA! Request expedited decision by the Supreme Court. Pelosi you over stepped your authority. Impeach her.🤪😎🤪

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