LIVE: The Confirmation Hearing For William Barr

william barr confirmation hearing

President Trump’s current nominee for Attorney General, William Barr, is appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing today.

Barr will be replacing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who resigned in November at President Trump’s request.

The hearing has been going on since this morning. They have recently returned from lunch.

Watch the live stream of the remainder of William Barr’s confirmation hearing below via Fox News:

Update: Barr has said that he had nothing to do with Rod Rosenstein’s departure from the DOJ. The two of them, however, had discussed it. Barr said that Rosenstein always viewed his job as a two-year term.

Barr was just asked about upholding the rule of law as it relates to illegal immigration. Agrees that immigration laws need to be changed to apply “common sense” to immigration enforcement. He decried catch and release and says laws need to be changed to combat that kind of abuse.

Barr stated laws must be changed to get rid of people who are flouting our laws (ie, illegal immigrants), something that is long overdue.

Basically Barr agrees with everything President Trump has said on illegal immigration.

Barr was asked about the shut down and what he thought about that. Barr stated he thought it was imperative that Congress reach a compromise that includes a border wall as part of border security. Called the border wall common sense.

He was also asked about previous allocations for border barriers. Barr said that money was needed right now for the wall.

Barr emphasizes that legal immigration is good for the country.


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