Let The Democrat Impeachment Circle Jerk Begin!

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

Democrats have finally taken control of the House of Representatives for the first time in over eight years. Nancy Pelosi has been elected Speaker of the 116th Congress. Throughout the primary season Nancy promised a moderate platform that would focus on real world solutions for better lives for Americans. They weren’t going to focus on the impeachment of President Trump. The American people didn’t want impeachment, after all. Thursday, Nancy Pelosi committed once again to that pledge.

Just kidding! California Democrat Brad Sherman introduced articles of impeachment against Trump on day one. Oh, and Nancy Pelosi said that a sitting president can absolutely be indicted, contrary to what the Department of Justice says.

I don’t think Democrats pushing impeachment is going to work out the way they want it to.

Let the great Democrat Impeachment Circle Jerk begin!

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Written by Radius

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