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Is Kamala Harris Eligible to Run for President?

There’s a tweet running around saying:

Sad to say but this is not correct.

She was born in Oakland, CA in 1964 which gives her birthright citizenship (as the law is currently interpreted — always have to add this in.) Whether California is actually part of the United States at this point is arguable perhaps.

Where she was raised isn’t relevant at least from the standpoint of her eligibility to run for president.

The need for both parents to be citizens went out the window with Barack Obama. I don’t see how one could argue that at least one parent should be an American citizen. Sorry.

I’m afraid to say the horse has proverbably left the barn and we’ve probably lost the intent of the founders. Of course, I never met the founders but they would have likely been concerned about a large influx of people with different views of freedom who would have a child that could become president — and change the basic principles of the country — without proper training in what it meant to be a citizen of the United States. They most likely would have wanted and assumed that both parents (or at least the father — sorry ladies) would be citizens.

Not much else to say about this one so here’s a cute kitten photo:

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