In Which Jim Acosta Dunks on…Tom Brokaw?

Poor Tom Brokaw…

tom brokaw jim acosta

The last 24 hours have not gone well for Tom Brokaw. First, the veteran newsman tells MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that Hispanics need to work harder to assimilate into American culture. Oh, and they need to speak English.

Of course, rather than debate whether or not Brokaw’s actually right the usual suspects on the Left pounced. In less than a day Tom Brokaw went from being a respected anchorman to just another racist.

Why, the Left even refused to accept Tom Brokaw’s apology!

Things have gotten exponentially worse for Tom Brokaw. Why? Because none other than Jim Acosta, CNN’s official Fake News Drama Queen, managed to score Internet points against him.

Jim Acosta’s gaggle of Twitter toadies and hangers on loved his admittedly hilarious jab at Brokaw.

Ugh…I think I might vomit.

Why yes, yes they are.

I wonder how Jim would feel being put on the same level as President Trump in that regard.

Now normally I would jump in here with a well-reasoned argument about how Tom Brokaw actually does have a point and immigrants from all cultures need to learn how to assimilate and speak English. I refuse, however, to get in the way of the media’s circular firing squad.

My response, instead, will be perfectly encapsulated by the following video clip:


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