I really like AOC

She’d get an A+ from Trump University!

I like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s wrong about virtually everything but I still like her. She has built an incredibly strong brand in a very short period of time, has an exceptionally strong social media game, is very energetic, and she’s garnering way more ink than any other Democrat at the moment — much to the chagrin, no doubt, of the Party leadership.

AOC has the keen ability to yank our chains in a really effective way. It really doesn’t matter that her solutions are wrong so much as she’s getting us to talk about what she considers are important issues.

There’s someone else with a strong brand, great social media game, high energy, the ability to garner ink, and is often at odds with Party leadership. That, of course, is President Donald Trump.

I remember all the times I’ve voted for some Republican or other who was going to go to Washington and drive big changes. Inevitably, these people immediately disappeared only to reappear four years later to ask to be reelected.

Where are our AOCs in Congress? Where are the high energy Republicans out there helping to drive the Trump agenda? The closest we have is Senator Lindsey Graham!  Where are the Republicans standing shoulder to shoulder with President Trump demanding a wall be built! In fairness there are a few such as Congressman Matt Gaetz but there aren’t many.

And who else might have said “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.” Sounds like that could have been a Donald Trump quote doesn’t it!

I like it because it’s exactly what conservatives have been trying to say about President Trump! He may not get the facts and figures exactly right but his vision for the future is spot on! We should use her quote word for word firm in our knowledge that her “morality” has been proven to harm and kill people where ours frees people.

If I were to make a prediction about AOC, one of two things will happen:

  1. AOC will continue her outspoken ways in which case she will be a one term Congress critter because Nancy isn’t going to put up with her shenanigans for long.
  2. Bernie will have a chat with her and convince her to pick her battles more strategically so that she gains power and longevity in Congress.

I’m actually voting for Number 2 although time will tell. After all, she has six more years before she can run for president.

Sadly, our AOCs have to come from outside the Republican Party. Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Diamond and Silk, and James Woods are doing terrific work but it’s obviously not enough when you have both Houses of Congress and the presidency and Republicans still behave as the minority. I actually think that President Trump is happier that Republicans lost the House because he was tired of negotiating with people who were his foes but masquerading as his friends. Now at least he’s negotiating with people who are his foes but honest enough to say so.

There is much we can learn from AOC in how she’s building her brand. Whether she realizes that she’s really a student of Donald Trump, I don’t know. But I’m sure she’d get an A+ from Trump University!

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