Hapless Pelosi Confronted by Media, Reiterates Wild and False Claims That Trump Endangered Their Lives!

Stammering, stuttering, confused Pelosi doesn’t know what to do

President Trump’s ending of Pelosi’s vacation yesterday has thrown the Democrats into chaos.

Pelosi’s chief of staff tried to make up an excuse that the Democrat delegation plus their families had all booked commercial flights, ignoring the fact that they were on a bus to the airport to fly via government planes to their destinations. Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

After President Trump revoked the use of military aircraft to travel to Afghanistan, the delegation was prepared to fly commercially to proceed with this vital trip to meet with our commanders and troops on the front lines.

In the middle of the night, State Dept’s Diplomatic Security Service provided an updated threat assessment detailing that the President announcing this sensitive travel had significantly increased danger to the delegation & to troops, security, & other officials supporting trip.

This morning, we learned that the Administration had leaked the commercial travel plans as well.

Aministration officials then told the press that what Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff said was a “flat out lie.”

One question that springs to mind, why was a congressional delegation flying their families to a war zone in Afghanistan?

Is anyone in the press going to ask Democrats this question while they continue to make (false) accusations that the President was endangering their lives: why were you flying your grandchildren to a war zone?


Why does a your nine year old granddaughter need to come with you to Afghanistan, Pelosi?

After that revelation from administration officials that there was no endangering of anyone’s lives, Nancy Pelosi redoubled down on the false claims when ambushed by reporters in Washington:

After claiming the President “endangered their lives,” Pelosi answered a reporter’s remark about whether Trump’s canceling of her vacation was a retaliatory action against her call to cancel or move his State of the Union address.

Her response: “I hope not.”

While the Democrat’s meltdown continues, the stage for the House to hold an impeachment vote is being set. The Democrats will no doubt refer to this incident where the President “endangered their lives,” as one of their excuses to remove him from office.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.

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  1. That is all bullshit. Why are you taking the kids to a dangerous location? This was a democratic vacation. You are a real piece of work Pelosi. Somebody check the booze and food bill that she ordered for this flight. She always orderes lots of booze. And anytime her family or anyone else that is not an official flies with her they have to pay there way for the flight. Why are the American people paying for meals for your family? Fuck this shit, this is taking advantage of the taxpayer. This needs to be investigated. She did this all the time when she was speaker the last time. She even had obama give her a bigger plane. And the GAO, General Accounting office said she was spending 2 grand a week just for booze every weekend to San Francisco and back with her entire family and friends. This shit has to stop NOW. She is a closet DRUNK.

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