Forget Dueling Banjos – We’re heading for dueling SOTU’s between Trump & Pelosi

It has all the hallmarks of an 1861-style spectacle in the making.

President Donald Trump, having been dis-invited from delivering the annual State of the Union speech in the House of Representatives chamber by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, gives the address from the Oval Office or possibly the Senate Chamber.

Pelosi then gives The Democrat (#Resistance) Rebuttal from the dais in the House Chamber.

Can you say Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis?

I can’t think of any other time in American history that two essentially competing SOTU speeches have ever been given save during the Civil War.

And from two separate seats of government yet – dueling banjos style.

I think it would be a Yuge Mistake for President Trump to give the speech away from Washington and an even bigger unforced error to do it in a MAGA rally type setting.

The SOTU is a report to the nations’s citizenry (yeah I know – Congress, but really it’s a bully pulpit aimed at the American populace at-large.)  It should be done in a respectful and bi-partisan manner (at least aimed for that way anyhow) not as a rah-rah team pep rally.

Hey, when we hired El Donaldo to helm the Resolute Desk we knew it was gonna be A Ride Like No Other.

And so far it’s been The Ride of A Lifetime.



Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

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