Five BitChute Channels You Should Follow

Fight Internet censorship!

The upstart video streaming service known as BitChute has found itself on the cutting edge of the fight against online censorship. Indeed, the platform has seen an explosion of growth similar to Gab in recent months. It seems that content creators have tired of YouTube’s heavy-handed attempts at censorship and have flocked to one of the few places left that allow people to express themselves freely.

The influx of new users to BitChute has created a problem for content consumers, however. Namely, many people have no idea who to follow. Everyone subscribes to the big names such as Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Styxhexenhammer666, and the like.

What of the smaller content creators, though? How does one find quality new channels to follow while avoiding the ones that might be complete and utter trash?

Justin Derby of Truth: The Objective Reality has created a video that aims to help people new to BitChute separate the wheat from the chaff. Justin has created a video of five channels on BitChute that you need to subscribe to right now.

Check it out, yours truly gets a plug, too!

I’ve provided links to each of the channels Justin covers below should you decide to check them out.

  1. Holy_Data
  2. DoomVideoVault
  3. Living Capone
  4. DuckHK

Rather than include the link to my own channel in the fifth spot, I’ll instead invite you to subscribe to Truth: The Objective Reality on BitChute. Definitely the place to go if you’re into free speech, political incorrectness, and Christian apologetics.


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