Gangs Test Bolsonaro’s Resolve As The Media Hyperventilates Over Gender

Faking It Up In The Land Of Tropical Progress

[As a reminder, the writer of this article is fluent in Portuguese, although English is his first language]

On New Year’s Day, Brazil ushered in a new era with the inauguration of the so-called “Trump of the Tropics,” Jair Bolsonaro. Only four days into his Presidency, a situation has arisen in the Brazilian state of Ceará that while not of his own doing, has certainly become a test of his new government.

Ceará sits in the north-eastern part of the country and apart from being known by it’s fantastic beaches, it’s also known for being a hotbed of poverty and subsequent socialist policies. They were one place that President Bolsonaro performed the worst on both election days, with many local officials hailing from the infamous Worker’s Party (the PT) that has controlled most of Brazil for the past 15 years and the PCdoB (a bona-fide communist party). Suffice it to say, it’s not a place that is very friendly to right-thinking policies.

The test came into play when a security minister in Ceará announced that they would be taking new measures within the prison populations to deal with gangs. I’ll share a few quotes from this article, then give you the background that the mainstream media doesn’t bother with. Stay tuned for a bonus that shows you how the Brazilian media is just as fake as ours.

Via France24

A special deployment of Brazilian troops began fanning out in the northern city of Fortaleza Saturday with orders to stop a spike in violent attacks by criminal gangs against banks, buses and shops, officials said. [Editor Note: They have also attacked police stations and other government buildings. Not sure why that was left out]

By the end of the weekend, 300 soldiers will be patrolling that city and other towns in Ceara state in a bid to halt the rampage, national public security secretary Guilherme Teophilo said, according to government news agency Agencia Brasil. […]

His justice minister ordered the deployment after concluding that Ceara police were overwhelmed. Some 50 suspects have been arrested. […]

The gangs terrorizing Fortaleza could be seen torching service stations in security videos aired by Brazilian media. Dozens of attacks have been registered this week, forcing residents to stay at home and leaving main roads deserted.

In one attack, explosives badly damaged a pillar supporting a flyover road in the town of Caucaia, just to the west of Fortaleza.

The triggers for the wave of violence were being investigated, but intelligence reports published by media suggested gangs were revolting against tough new measures recently imposed in the state’s prisons.

The changes include blocks on cellphone signals and an end to a policy of separating inmates according to gang affiliation.

Two gangs have set aside their rivalry to join forces against the government, the G1 news website reported, citing security officials.

I emphasized an important part there; Brazil does not have capital punishment, and while they have managed to get many drug lords and gang leaders behind bars, that hasn’t been effective at quelling violence, because they manage to order hits and their “business” behind bars. The events this week show just how much muscle they can flex. This has been the case for a long time…as has the policy for most states to keep gang members separated.

On a tangent, it should be noted that the governor of Ceará made sure everyone knew that he was not going to Bolsonaro’s inauguration back on the distant date of 12/31/2018, but was begging Bolsonaro to send in the troops just a few days later.

Changing the policy is essentially a sneaky way at achieving capital punishment, as the animals will end up murdering each other, regardless any “pacts” that the end of the article mentions. Granted, Bolsonaro is set to roll out his self-defense reforms by the end of this month (aka, finally providing Brazilians with something a little closer to our 2nd amendment), and given time, capital punishment might be on the agenda as well, although I have not seen anything from him mentioning that in the campaign.

That can change quickly however, as the violence is spreading to other states, where other governors are already asking for military assistance. Depending on how this unfolds, then capital punishment very well could move to the forefront of Brazilian politics, although I am not seeing much said about that at the moment.

You’ll Never Guess How Brazilian Media Is Reacting To This

I started writing this article as Doomberg asked me a question about what Brazilians thought about Bolsonaro floating the idea of allowing a US Military base on Brazilian soil, but I found that virtually no one on Brazilian social media channels were discussing it. They were preoccupied with this event and how their own media was talking about it – which should say, trying their best to ignore it as they hype up a totally unrelated issue.

What could Brazilian media channels and even virtue signalling celebrities with giant social media followings possibly be outraged about?

“Boys wear blue, girls wear pink.”

That is a quote of what Bolsonaro’s new Minister of “Women, Family and Human Rights” (yes, that’s real down there) said this week as the government began to dismantle the socialist homosexual brainwashing that the PT had been pushing in Brazilian grade schools. Her name is Damares Alves, and the Left has been apoplectic over her presence in the government, digging up videos of when she also called homosexuality an “abomination.”

Never ones to pass up an opportunity to virtue signal, leftists in the various media organs down there have been breathlessly reporting on anything they can against Mrs. Alves, while conveniently ignoring the Ceará situation.Unfortunately for them, Brazilians are seeing just how manufactured this is, much like the supposed outrage that Republicans had over AOC doing an interpretive dance. Their way of “making a statement” of course is exactly what you would think; Here’s two psuedo-journalists (accurate: activists) appearing on Brazil’s most watched (which is changing as rating collapse) news program this evening:

A number of actors and actresses have also been jumping on the virtue signal wagon, but it’s more of the same.

Where that isn’t working, Brazilian lefities are also trying to play squirrel hashtag by getting the environment to trend so that #CearaPedeSocorro (Ceara Asks for Help) stops trending, but that was a futile attempt by what I have seen.

Where will it go from here? Like Trump, Bolsonaro is not backing down. If he did, that would be weakness, so these drug lords had better buckle up, as they are about to discover what going up against a man with a backbone is like.


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