Covington Students’ Attorney Robert Barnes Gives The Left An Ultimatum

48 hours to retract…

Robert Barnes Covington Catholic High School

The students from Covington Catholic High School have been slandered relentlessly by many Leftists (and some on the right). Celebrities, media personalities, and left-wing trolls have blasted these children as evil racist bigots. They have been subject to death threats so severe they caused Covington Catholic High School to close on Tuesday due to security concerns.

Luckily, the students from Covington Catholic High School have been fighting back. Attorney Robert Barnes offered to represent the teens and their families pro bono.

Wednesday morning, Robert Barnes threw down the gauntlet to the jackals of the Left, and gave them an ultimatum.

Attorney Robert Barnes said that he represents families of students who were libeled, families of some children featured in photos of the encounter and alumni who want to seek legal remedy as well.

“A lot of these journalists that have been saying false statements about these kids … all you have to prove is that they were negligent in doing so, and by this standpoint, by this point in time, it is clear that anyone who continues to lie and lie about these kids has done so illegally and can be sued for it,” he said.

Barnes said that legal fees in libel lawsuits can amount to nearly $1 million in some cases, so he wanted to “equalize the playing field” in the case of some students.

He announced Wednesday that potential defendants are being given a 48-hour notice to retract and correct any false statements about these Covington students.

“If you have said anything false about these kids, they are willing to extend you a 48-hour time period — a period of grace, consistent with their Christian faith — for you to, through confessions, get redemption and retract and correct and apologize,” Barnes said.

He also explained that plaintiffs are allowed to seek “per se damages” in libel lawsuits, meaning that individual damages do not have to be proven.

I’m not a lawyer. I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I have no idea what Barnes’ chance of winning in a court of law is. Given that the Left’s caricature of these kids as racist, MAGA hat-wearing brown shirts picking on the poor widdle Native American Vietnam Veteran is demonstrably false, I imagine these kids have a fair shot at winning.

In fact, if I were a betting man I would bet that Barnes’ conversation with these families involved simply taking a cut of whatever winnings they happened to get if they did win. No lawyer worth his salt would take on a case of this magnitude pro bono if they weren’t positive it was a slam dunk.

Personally, I’m hoping that few, if any, media outlets and celebrities retract their accusations against these kids. I hope they stand before a judge and proudly proclaim themselves part of #TheResistance against the Evil Orange Man Bad Not-My-President Donald J. Drumpf. I hope they do it with cameras rolling. I hope they do it on all the late night talk shows. I hope these Leftists double down on the stupid they’ve been spewing towards the children of Covington Catholic High School.

And I hope whatever judge is in charge of the case against these Leftist nut bars sees all that, and personally bankrupts these people.

I want to be treated to Kathy Griffin being thrown on the street as her mansion is auctioned off to the lowest bidder to pay a multi-million dollar judgement in favor of the children she attacked.

I want to see New York Times employees crying as they witness their pathetic excuse for a news outlet being given a Gawker Special enema.

I want to see serial liar Nathan Phillips desperately trying to raise enough money through his pitiful website to be able to afford to stay in a Motel 6 just for a night.

Robert Barnes needs to go scorched earth on these Leftists. Take off and nuke their asses from orbit, because it’s the only way to be sure that this kind of vile assault will never happen again.


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