Why Did President Trump Retweet the Dems in Jail Meme?

As most know, President Trump retweeted:

I thought Scott Adams had a good take on why. Scott’s view is that this is analogous to a brush back pitch in baseball where a batter is crowding the plate and the pitcher puts one in the batter’s ear — he either lets himself be hit or he moves back.

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This a photo of the great Willie Mays.

  • Batting average .302
  • Hits 3,283
  • Home runs 660
  • Runs batted in 1,903
  • Stolen bases 338

Anyway, Scott’s was speculating that President Trump took the opportunity to remind the Democrats that the President is not without some power. If the Democrat’s plan is one of attacking the President with an infinite number of lawyers in the next two years, he has an infinite number of lawyers as well. It’s Mutually Assured Destruction with lawyers and not missiles.

There’s more than a few Democrat scandals and likely illegal activity for the President to go after should he choose to do so. Not only that, the people with all the information work for him now — well, more or less.

By the way, did you happen to notice that the Trump Administration’s Office of the Special Council sent out new guidance on political speech by government employees that may be violation of the Hatch Act?

Hence, to the extent the statement relates to resistance to President Donald J. Trump, usage of the terms ‘resist,’ ‘#resistance’ and derivatives thereof is political activity.

How sad. We never had this problem under Barack Obama. Of course, with Obama any negative speech was considered racist. Not only that but it had to be wrong because, after all, he was a historic president. He did turn out to be historic but for all the wrong reasons.

What’s yet to be seen is whether the Democrats can reign in some of their rhetoric. We’ve been used to expect ferocious fights in Congress but to see a political party call for the impeachment of a president before he even took office is new territory. All of this animus and venom did it’s job in returning the Democrats to power in the House.

The Democrats are playing a very dangerous game that could easily get out of control. When Richard Nixon was likely to be impeached, he resigned. Up until that time, the last President to be impeached was  Andrew Johnson, in 1868. People had to be educated on what impeachment was since it had only happened once before.

And then Bill Clinton was impeached which, as I’ve said, was the most stupid thing that the GOPe ever did since it changed impeachment from something of last resort to something that is a legitimate political maneuver. “It’s just politics” used to mean back back room deals but Clinton’s impeachment made impeachment “it’s just politics” as well. If you can get enough votes to impeach, go for it!

Well, here we are watching a political party start with the premise that the president must be impeached and then trying to develop a case that will gather enough Democrat votes. I guess the only upside is that I’d buy a Pay-for-View ticket to watch Donald Trump’s impeachment!

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