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What Goes Around, Comes Around and Gets You Fired!

A little honest gloating here. I admit it.

I was watching the local news and they had a very quick story about how a new employee at the Denver Sheriff’s office had resigned due to bad behavior on social media. I immediately thought “well they got another racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, Nazi conservative right winger for something or other.”

But then a screen of posts from the employee flashed by and I could have sworn they were left wing liberal-type posts. Fortunately, we Tivo the news show and I was able to take a photo of my TV.

Well, well, well. What goes around, comes around there Bethany.

Channel 9 posts their stories on their website. Let’s see what people are saying about this story. Huh, nothing on the website. There is a story titled When you need ship gifts to make sure they arrive by Christmas which I guess is useful and timely but not what I was looking for. Also good to see that they have the same quality editing staff as we do here! Oh, well, maybe the headline writer is Chinese. Oops. That might be racist. It’s hard to tell anymore.

Well, no doubt someone else picked up the story. Let’s look on Google and see what other news organizations are saying. After all, the real story here is that some people just might find left wing drivel just as offensive as right wing drivel.

There is exactly one result on Google which is to Complete Colorado

I try to avoid the “what if . . .  said the same thing” kind of analogies but I gotta think that if the Denver Sheriff had hired someone who did the same thing but the posts were about Obama, every news agency in Colorado and probably in the country would be reporting on it.

Well, OK. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here but it’s a bit refreshing that some of our left wing friends, who’ve been spouting so much venom the last couple years, might wind up regretting it. I was going to remind everyone that this door swings both ways — but I think you already know that!

Dept. Of Safety Response

By the way, you’ll notice that 9news was good enough to not display her photo. I wouldn’t count on the news giving similar consideration to you racist, sexist, bigoted,homophobic, Nazi conservative right wingers out there.

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